The Joseph Principle: Igniting your life for true success, service and fulfilment.

Few realize the role faith and service play in living a life of happiness and fulfilment. Many see happiness as a life filled with pleasure only to be yearning for more and more but never receiving enough until death knocks on the door. Service to others fills that void where pure self-directed pleasure cannot. For people seeking happiness Hugh points them to where if they have a business or they work for one, service to others not only enhances the bottom line but it leaves you feeling satisfied that you were involved in helping to solve a problem for a customer or a problem. Hugh helps to focus on the underlining problem that is taking away from the achievement of goals through the application of Joseph's Principle:

Important Lessons:

  • You are always promoting something or someone.
  • Your bad habits are keeping you back, God wants to refine your character
  • Happiness is an empty word with faith in God.
  • Your good works should always give glory to God
  • Who is on your team and do they share you goal
  • What do you really want to accomplish.

The End Result:

Every successful game, business and life comes about through the dedication to a plan. Each plan begins with an individual who had a dream and knew he needed a team that would develop a strategy with a system in place to achieve a goal. Through faith and consistent hard work, goals can be accomplished. Seeing these principles through a different lens, members of our audience leave with a new and invigorating sense of accomplishing their goals like Joseph, through faith in God and service to man.