Many people saw his life as simply a story and have overlooked the valuable lessons until now. He was successful not by mere accident but applied the stories his father, Jacob, taught him as a child. These lessons are written in Joseph's Memoirs

Joseph's Memoir

Joseph was born a prince, but his brothers, who hated him for his dreams and his values, sold him into slavery in Egypt. Bought by Potiphar, captain of the king's guards, he was quickly made the head of the household, only to be sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Once more he stood out, and he was made assistant to the warden. One dream and lessons passed down to his children by his grandfather Abraham led to his promotion from slave to the second-highest position in Egypt. These lessons saved not just one man from the depths of prison but the entire world from a deep recession. Join Joseph as he tells you what made him successful personally as he took a nation through one of its worst periods of recession.