Everything is Derived Through

Hugh Rowe

My life's philosophy is derived from one basic mantra - "Everything is derived through faith".

Everything hinges on faith. No faith brings about no changes. Small faith brings small changes. Great faith brings great changes. Many place their faith in things which are fleeting and leads to hopelessness. I place my faith in Him who adds value to my life and encourages me to share the source of this faith with others. This simple act of sharing enriches the life in every aspect if properly applied.

John D. Rockefeller was taught by his mother, throughout his childhood, to build his life on this principle. In his adult years it paid dividends and he attributed all to his faith in God. During his life he amassed a great fortune and found pleasure distributing it through his foundation building schools, churches, medical research and other activities. Rockefeller always said God blessed him because He knew John D. would have no problem sharing it with the less fortunate.

Many people today are searching for the secret to health, wealth and happiness. Like their shadow, it gives the illusion that it is very close to them. They can bend down and touch it but they can't feel it. So they go chasing after the 'feeling' which in their mind is only one step ahead of them at all time. If they would only think to face the light instead, they may not be able to touch the light but they are able to feel the energy that it emits that gives them the energy, joy and fulfilment to go through life's challenges. Inadvertently, instead of chasing the shadow, it now follows them.

I have had the privilege of writing Joseph's Memoirs: Life Lessons For A Successful You and speaking to multiple audiences filled with people like you from around the world; everyone seeking to make everyday better than the previous. I hope, with this site, to give you some of the tools and resources you will need to accomplish that task.

Like Joseph and John D. Rockefeller, I proclaim, everything I am and hope to accomplish I attribute to my faith in the God of Heaven.

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